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Jan. 7th, 2005 @ 07:34 pm Next Entry

Welcome, to this amazingly cool community - I know that there is another james blake community but ehh, i figured we could use another one since, no one really posts to the other on anyway, i'm hoping I can get a lot of tennis fans - because i know that there are at least 100 out there, so if you check intrests, check out our community, well mine since no one else has joined :( you must join - i plan to leave little updates about james blake maybe once a week & other tennis player too & if y'all have any other suggestions i'm open to them. Because I don't kno how to make icons, i was wondering if any one could teach me or make them for the group, that would be great. I'm also open to suggestions so - if you want me to change or add something just let me kno and i'll do it Well here is my 1st update from Jamesblaketennis.com :

1/7/05 US Finishes Off Australia

JB and Meghann had a quick turnaround for their final Hopman Cup matches, so quick in fact that I didn't even realize they had played until this morning! Some webmaster I am...

In any case, JB faced a last second Australian replacement, Paul Baccanello (sounds Australian, doesn't he?), since Mark Philippoussis (who also, incidentally, sounds Australian) went down with an injury. Apparently Paul made a game effort, but JB was too much for him 4 and 3 were the scores. See pictures here.

Alicia Molik of Australia continued her impressive form, beating Meghann handily. They all got back together for afternoon tea and some mixed doubles, at which the American prevailed in three sets.

Next up is Auckland, where James received a wild card to play. The draw should be out in the next day or two. It will be James' first 'real' match since Delray Beach last year (the Hopman Cup matches are exhibitions, albeit competitive exhibitions).


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